Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better Than Bedroom Bacon

I woke up with meat on my mind—applewood smoked bacon or chorizo wreathing a soft pile of scrambled eggs seasoned with scallion and red peppers. Maybe a couple slices of toasted and buttered hard dough bread? The perfect gourmet bed bash. But I was in a rush, and I never keep that type of the stuff in the fridge. I raced out of the house, a McDonald’s sausage egg McMuffin-mirage on the edge of the street. I haven’t had McDonald’s in forever. It would be just this one time. The conscious, anti-fast food police would never know. I want to buy the vegan, tofu scrambled eggs with homemade, apple soy sausage and coconut buttered whole wheat toast, but I just don’t have $9 to drop on breakfast right now. As I take that sharp right and head down the boulevard, my car piercing through the Krispy Kreme crack, Taco Bell and Subway-street walkers, I turn into the parking lot on the right. What am I doing here? I’m being led. I know it. The gourmet squatter angels are guiding me. I walk into the restaurant to find Mr. Carrot hard at work. “You’re hungry?” he asks in his Rafiki-in-The-Lion-King voice. He flashes that charming, goatee-framed grin and disappears. He emerges from the kitchen 20 minutes later, hands me the tofu special in a paper bag—McDee’s style. “Go forth. Be great,” he said.


  1. You're stories are the best. The prices are great at fast-food joints especially the dollar menu at McDonalds, I still go for the McChicken here and there.

  2. I love the post! Breakfast is the best meal of the day and that's why everybody should invest some time and effort in it.. It's hard to come up with anything better than sitting in the breakfast table for hours, having fresh coffee and fresh newspaper. :>

  3. Thanks, Guys. So true regarding breakfast, but we, Americans, never slow down enough to enjoy a nice cup of ginger tea or homemade oatmeal or even a simple frittata (Simple? Yeah right. lol) We need to take notes from the French on how to enjoy a meal.